A Real Deal for You, A Real Deal for The World

How can we eat well, but at the same time tackle food waste, food poverty and climate change?

The Real Meal Deal is a not for profit site that makes it easy for you and your family to eat in a more sustainable way and make good food choices.

It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s family friendly and it’s good for you.

Tackling food waste, food poverty and climate change really matter and we can all help make a difference. Visit the recipe page for inspiration and get started today.


This 3 minute film we’ve put together, explains why tackling food waste, food poverty and climate change really matter.


 Food For Thought

So it’s officially summer, although the only suitable footwear at the moment seems to be wellies. However, we are an optimistic nation so here’s a really lovely colourful summer dish to help you at least imagine summer! Pasta Bake with veg and mozarella


Pasta bake


In the News…

“Today, the food systems of the world account for up to 31% of global greenhouse gas emissions – more than all sea, air and land transport combined.  The way we grow, process, transport, market, consume and waste food is a major concern for our planet’s health. And therefore our health too”

Source. Dr. Alessandro Demaio Click here for full article


malnutrition    cook

Visit Zero Hunger Challenge and Jamie’s Food Revolution for more info