A Real Deal for You, A Real Deal for The World

How can we eat well, but at the same time tackle food waste, food poverty and climate change?

The Real Meal Deal is a not for profit site that makes it easy for you and your family to eat in a more sustainable way and make good food choices.

It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s family friendly and it’s good for you.

Tackling food waste, food poverty and climate change really matter and we can all help make a difference. Visit the recipe page for inspiration and get started today.


This 3 minute film we’ve put together, explains why tackling food waste, food poverty and climate change really matter.


Spring represents a time of newness and is the perfect opportunity to try some new recipes. See what the fields and gardens of Great Britain have to offer and check out a whole range of seasonal recipes.  Fruit and vegetables taste much better in season, contain more nutrients and are generally cheaper so it makes sense to cook using this seasons produce. It also helps cut down on food miles and supports the local economy.





Food For Thought

Thank you to everyone who came along to my recent talk ‘Food For Thought’. As the event sold out a week in advance, people have asked if I would make the talk available on my website, so here it is. I was asked to speak at a Women’s Breakfast event and talk about food and faith.