A Real Deal for You, A Real Deal for The World

How can we eat well, but at the same time tackle food waste, food poverty and climate change?

The Real Meal Deal is a not for profit site that makes it easy for you and your family to eat in a more sustainable, environmentally friendly way and make good food choices.

It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s family friendly and it’s good for you.

Tackling food waste, food poverty and climate change really matter and we can all help make a difference. Visit the recipe page¬†for inspiration and get started today. You can change the number of servings to suit your family. See how each meal can be prepared or partly prepared ahead of time & also how to serve the same meal to different family members at different times. There’s even a meal planner and integrated shopping list to help things run smoothly.

I’ve also been blogging recently about waste, specifically plastic waste. This seemed like a natural progression from trying to reduce my food waste. Check out my blog posts to see what easy steps you could take towards reducing your waste.

It’s always affirming to be featured on the BBC. In January the BBC picked up one of my blog posts and ran this article.

It doesn’t directly relate to climate change, but talks about a healthy lifestyle, which is what we’ve found ourselves following after years of eating in this environmentally friendly way. You can find the original blog here

Want a quick 3 minute summary of why tackling food waste, food poverty and climate change really matter, check out our YouTube video