Have Your Pumpkin and Eat It

Each year in the UK, we throw away around 15 million pumpkins. It’s bizarre to think that this vegetable is grown only to be binned. It takes five whole months to grow a pumpkin and when we waste it, we are also wasting all the resources that go into growing them, not to mention creating a whole lot of harmful methane gases when we chuck it in landfill, as happens with any food we waste.

sausage-and-pumpkin-casseroleSo what can we do with pumpkins? Well, my family has just tucked into Sausage and Pumpkin Casserole.  Two of my children said they thought this sounded yuk, but as it happens, there were clean plates all round and even my very fussy eater enjoyed hers and even asked for seconds – totally unheard of.

In years gone by, I have made pumpkin soup. There are lots of recipes out there, but my favourite is a Thai Pumpkin Soup recipe by James Martin. Some pumpkin soups can be a bit bland, but this one really packs a punch.

Another tasty dish is pumpkin curry. I found this recipe from Seaside Housewife, click here . Jamie Oliver also has a Pumpkin, Chickpea and Coconut Curry recipe.

How about eating pumpkin in your kebab? Aegea Benedict at EatingKent uses them to make Pumpkin and Swede Falafels for kebabs.


BBC food says you can bake small pumpkins and stuff with rice and spices such as cinnamon, hot chillies and cumin, or roast thick slices and serve with a chunky tomato sauce. Finally, Country Living has an article on 50 best pumpkin recipes  

There are clearly loads of fantastic dishes you can create with your pumpkin, just whatever you do, don’t throw it away!


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