Lifestyle Changes for Sustainable Living

Lifestyle changes for Sustainable living, ways to live sustainably, eco-friendly living, are all topics we are hearing more about. It seems we are finally waking up to the need to live our lives differently. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought this into sharp focus. We have shown we are infact capable of living differently when we have to, when our health and even our lives depend on it. Who would have thought that most of the world could change so dramatically and so quickly?

We can all make some lifestyle changes for sustainable living. Some swaps are easy, others are more challenging. Being aware of the impact our buying habits and lifestyles have, should really motivate us. The bottom line is, we can’t ignore what’s happening. Don’t underestimate the impact of what you can do as an individual. Many of the changes need to become cultural and it’s only when lots of people do things differently that cultural change happens.

The Why?

It can be hard to motivate ourselves without understanding the severity of the situation we are in. This isn’t just about saving the Polar Bears or Whales. We are the last generation that can take action to stabilize our climate and avoid catastrophic climate change. When global organistions such as the UN, the World Health Organisation, NASA as well as around 98% of scientists are all united in their views that urgent drastic action is needed, we all have to respond and make it a priority in our lives.

Key lifestyle changes for sustainable living

There are some key areas in which we can make lifestyle changes for sustainable living. Cutting out our food waste will have a significant impact. Reducing our clothes buying habit and shopping second hand. Textile waste has a huge impact on the environment and the fashion industry is the world’s 2nd largest polluter. Plastic waste isn’t just about an unsightly mess. Plastic is killing wildlife, essential to the balance of nature. Microplastics have now entered our food chain and the burning of plastic waste releases harmful toxic gases.

Reducing our overall consumption of resouces is key. Our planet doesn’t have an infinite amount of resources, so it makes no sense to live as if it does. Moving away from fossil fuels is key. In our homes we can switch to a green energy provider to help support this industry. For a more comprhensive list and details of these and other changes you can make, check out my How to live More Sustainably blog post.

Help is out there!

Climate Change is the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. Not surprisingly then, there are loads of resources out there to help us to do everything that we can.

There are lots of organisations & charities who are working hard to highlight the issues and encourage governments to take action as a priority. This is not an exhaustive list and you may find a local group that is working hard in your area to join in with.

Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Parents for Future, Fridays for Future, Christian Climate Action, Extinction Rebellion, Tearfund, Christian Aid, Oxfam

Sustainable Living is a lifelong journey

Establishing different habits, is a lifelong journey. Talking about the issues with others is important. Campaigning for change can really help as it highlights the issue & asks that our leaders take action. As we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s crucial we don’t just go back to our old ways. We need to look to a greener future. We need to protect our future from further climate change and come together like never before. There is no planet B!

Our house is on fire – let’s act like it!

Greta Thuberg

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